A Link to my Masters work: How can Queering Contribute to Elementary Schoolteachers’ Understanding and Classroom Practice, as They Design and Implement LGBTQ Sensitive Visual Arts Curriculum?


LESs// Unit Plans linked to Ledo’s Thesis research:

The following LESs were created by a group of six elementary school teachers from the English Montreal School Board for a Professional Development and Innovation Grant (PGIG), a grant available for Québec’s English schools and administered by the Direction des services à la communauté Anglophone, Secteur des services aux anglophones, aux autochtones, et aux communautés culturelles (DSCA-SSAACC) for the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). The involved teachers were Ledo’s participants for her Masters Thesis (in progress): Cycle 1 SAE sur l’intimidation-2 Cycle 1 SAE sur les familles Cycle 1 SAE sur les stéréotypes de genres Cycle 2 Final Bullying LES Cycle 2 Final Family Diversity LES-3 Cycle 2 LES 1 – careers and gender Cycle 3 Bullying Lesson-2 Cycle 3 Family Diversity lesson1-2 Cycle 3 LES Gender Stereotypes-2

Summary of elementary lessons: Summary of Lessons


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Em’s favourite Art Education planning tools:

Ledo’s LES – Brainstorm Sheet 

Ledo’s Planning for Critical Thinking in Art

“I can think like an Artist”

Ledo’s Map to Evaluating Artwork

Sample Rubrics


Outils de planification en français:

Feuille d’idées:  Brainstorm Sheet – FR

Comment encourager la pensée critique avec les arts: Critical Thinking Diagram – FR

“Je peux penser comme un artiste”: I can think like an artist – FR Réflection

Objectifs des arts visuels: Visual arts Map- QEP- Fr
Les grilles d’évaluation: Sample Rubrics – FR