Hello all!

Due to some unexpected and intense circumstances, I’ve begun a little side hustle of selling these “Ally” t-shirts. See “Ally T-Shirt” Tab above for details!

If you would like to make a direct donation, please do so by clicking the donate button below:

Here are some details about our current situation:

Many of you who know me personally, know that my partner is very ill. Beyond their (my partner uses they/them pronouns) diagnosed Crohn’s disease and generalized anxiety disorder, layers of unexpected physical and mental health issues have been flooding their life, in particular in the past three years. During this time I became pregnant and we now have an amazing little human in our life (pushing through complications after birth on my side) who is now an amazing little two year old.

My partner was taken off work two years in a row and placed on sick-leave, but as of June 2018 their contract and insurance ran out (just as I returned to work after being on maternity leave – having been at 50% of my income the previous year) and we have been navigating the public government systems for aid since, as my partner is unable to work.

In October 2018, our doctor began the process to place my partner on long-term disability due to a series of factors, but the major one being the level of unexplained pain my wife endures daily, as further extensive examinations are ongoing to attempt to find the root cause (investigation continues because they have symptoms associated with Lupus, ALS, Connective Tissues Disorders, fibromyalgia, etc. This adds layers to the Mental Health strain. So far they have found anomalies on their spine, and they have more tests this month. They often try and push themselves through the pain to engage in typical family life but this causes in return, days in bed unable to move). The waiting time for the government to even look at a disability application for long term disability is six months. Our doctor finally completed the necessary paper work in February 2019.

During this waiting time we used all the limited available resources that we had (a.k.a our savings and family support/loans) as we attempted to get by until the dossier was looked at. My partner received a rejection letter in July 2019.

We are currently working with their medical team to complete the appeal, as I also look for local resources to help us through this difficult time. As a result we have begun this t-shirt campaign as a way to help with our current medical and health expenses that are not covered (example: they are currently on medication not covered by the government since there has not been an official diagnosis), rent, childcare, bills, etc.

Every bit of help counts, which is why we have begun selling Queer Ally T-shirts. Thank you to the talented @bexadel for the amazing design!! <3